Monday, December 3, 2007

December 1, Kristen and Steven

December weddings have special mood. Christmas decorations are around, smell of gingerbread cookies in the air... oh, I feel a bit cheezy writing this but who doesn't like Christmas ! Let's start with some high fashion details:

Our version of "the bride by the window" shot:

There's also the groom by his window:

...and the groom grabbing christmas tree ornaments :)

...and the groom... wait - where did the Christmas mood go ?!?

What can I say - we are fearless, peculiar and unconventional. Oh yes - the header of this blog wasn't created just out of the blue :) Ok, back to romantic images:

Kristen, naturally happy:

Leaves on the ground ?

Leaves in the air ! Yaaay !

Some favorites from the reception at the Downtown Club, Philadelphia:

The closing shot:

Kristen and Steven ! Thank You - it was much fun to work with you ! Happy New Year !

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

November 3, Jessica and John

Westchester looks gorgeous in November. Photographing Jessica and John's wedding we found ourselves surrounded by "just over the peak" fall color. It's not like the Whitby Castle, which the couple picked for their reception, looks any less picturesque at different times of the year, but it definitely helps to have a few deep yellow and orange trees around ! Starting at the hair salon in Connecticut:

We then moved to the respective locations where the bride and groom were getting ready. A few portraits of the bride, the groom and some of their wedding attendants:

From the ride to the ceremony:

Our favorite ceremony images:

The newlyweds:

We had too much fun with the trolley that the couple was using for their transportation during the day:

A few more before going to the reception:

Bride and father dance:

Our attention during the party was caught by the most charismatic band member we have seen in our careers. Talk about going an extra mile ! This guy earned the "entertainer of the year" award !

mmmm.... the cake ;)

The kids and their original input in creating memories for Jessica and John, how cute !

The Whitby Castle seen through our lenses:

Jessica and John - Thank You so much ! Your wedding day was a fantastic event, so well organized and perfectly planned ! We are proud and happy to be a part of it !

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

October 28, Karen and Jeff

I heard a theory once that as wedding photographers we will eventually only book couples who are a good personality match to our own. After all - we're looking to be together for an entire day. One of the most important days in the lives of two people. You can't possibly go through it with people around you that you don't like ! This theory seems completely true in case of Karen and Jeff. From the moment we met I knew we were going to be their photographers (oh yeah - even before they declared they were booking - sure, haha!), it was confirmed during the enegagement session and the great time we had together and then continued on the wedding day. So... let's start with the groom ! Here's Jeff, looking very "groomy" :)

...and here comes the bride !


The bridal party ! Funny funny people, cool and well organized ! Yay !

One more candid moment before going to the ceremony:

Our favorite shots from the arch moment of the day:

...and a few from the reception:

Karen and Jeff - thanks for being the most awesome couple to work with from beginning to end ! Good vibe is not overrated ! :)