Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Into the Future

To all of you who have been reading and following this blog a huge "THANK YOU!". We deeply appreciate all your comments, feedback and time spent on viewing our posts. This is our last update but of course we would love to keep you as a friend, guest and a reader! To further follow David or Monika please refer to our respective websites. All the best!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sweet & Invincible

Before the Eastern Part of United States was turned into Winter Wonderland by neverending snowfall I found myself wondering how we are going to make DUMBO look hot on a cold windy January afternoon. It turns out that the recipe is really easy and straightforward. All you really need is two smoking hot girls who are not afraid of the cold. Devra and Katie are founders and owners of Marie Merin Productions - a New York based event design company that I have a pleasure of collaborating with this season. Big Thank You goes also to a fantastic makeup artist Nadia Saburov who must be the easiest person to work with ever - her help during the shoot was priceless! Ladies, thank you for your incredible stamina and endurance! It was a true pleasure and much fun working with you!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Karen & Adam- 'Love, what art thou?'

I couldn't ask for a more cheerful & unique wedding to close my winter season! Karen was such a beauty, and together with Adam they were such an inspiration!
My fantastic second shooter and a good friend Nadine Rovner and I were gushing with excitement for an entire day.. Not only the Bride wore purple embellished shoes, and black fishnets, the reception took place at the most interesting venue- building in downtown New Hope that used to be a church-
Marsha Brown Restaurant in downtown New Hope

Karen + Adam, all the best- thank you for all the fun and having us to document it all!


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

'Golly Gee!' Michele & Rye

Let me begin by saying that I can not imagine spending this year's New Years Eve any other way.
When Michele, who I have known for relatively long time, told me she was getting married, I knew that it was going to be quite fantastic... and boy, was I right. Michele & Rye are both unique, eccentric artists & awesome people, and their wedding reflected it so well-!
Michele's bouquet featured small vegetables, and it was built with a base of metal spoons! Rye's outfit was perfectly complete with costume spats. The vehicle was a gorgeous vintage Rolls.. Reception took place at Arts' Center in New Hope, PA. The gusts served themselves to Indian food, pie & Guiness. Instead of cutting the cake the couple exchanged raw oysters. Scrumptious cocktail foods were provided by Dish , a catering company owned by Michele. Music was a Zydeco Band, and at some point Michele got on the stage and sang (wonderfully, I must add) a Patsy Cline tune. After 12 the entire room was transformed into a snowy wonderland.. with the help of a snow machine! Michele & Rye.. words can't express the fun & inspiration you created for everyone!
My friend, and avery talented photographer Tanya was shooting with me, thank you Tanya! Words of appreciation also go to our wonderful boyfriends (and to Michele for inviting them), Michael & Mark for joining us that night, even though we were working girls :).