Friday, October 30, 2009

One cheerful October day.. Anna + Robert!

Anna and Robert got married on one of these days when the skies were crying, and temperatures reaching low digits but nothing was able to spoil the warm & fuzzy feeling we all felt! Their ceremony was held at an old church in Pennsylvania, and Blue Bell Country Club hosted the reception.. I loved the old Rolls they rode in!

My amazing second shooter was fantastic & super talented.. Josh Lynn

Anna + Robert .. Thank you for having us & Best of Luck!

car interior & bouquet by Josh:

by Josh:

I love this moody dance shot by Josh!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

M+J: Love is meant to make us glad

Wedding shoot. An ultimate challenge for a photographer. Journey through a day filled with emotions, reactions, feelings and one of a kind moments. Capturing it all takes an enormous dose of stamina, perserverence, dedication and involvement. There comes a moment however, when you feel grossly rewarded for all the effort you put into the work you create, a moment that makes your heart skip a beat because you just captured THE image. The one that defines the day, the season, your style... with Michelle and John, an incredibly edgy, creative, truly rock and roll couple all that artistic satisfaction came just naturally. Working with them has been like a trip to Oak Creek Canyon in the Fall - every click of the shutter brings an image that you want to dwell on, print large and feature on your website. The two part engagement session shoot was far beyond ordinary. It was so good that I was a bit (photographically) nervous about the wedding - because the bar has been set high and the higher the expectations the more difficult task ahead of you. Now, a week after their wedding day I can present this set of images that myself and Mr David Lim captured and selected for your visual enjoyment. Michelle and John, thank you for: the amazing atmosphere and visuals of the Ace Hotel in Manhattan, the unique atmosphere of the Brooklyn library that gave your ceremony an unforgettable flavor, the lights, stage and mood of a night club during your reception at the Knitting Factory but most of all - thanks for being the most laid back, entertaining couple ever!