Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Miles away from ordinary!

Going to Coney Island for a photo shoot is always a good idea. Going over there with Michelle and John turns it into the best idea ever. I knew what I could expect from them after our wild IKEA run and this time it was quite similar - be quick (with your shooting) or be 'imageless' ;) This was a dynamic, funky, cool and inspired session. We were hoping to get some Coney Island specific images but also explore another side of it, the more hidden and less accessible one. You be the judge of how we performed!

The wedding is coming in three weeks! Stay tuned for an immediate blog post - I think I don't have to say I am excted!

1 comment:

  1. these photos are... 'miles away from ordinary!' :) so energetic, so cinematic :) fresh, playful & joyful :) and I love how some of them are composed [the use of perspective, the use of lines - eg. 'tow away' photo, 'bench & jump' photo, last but one photo]