Wednesday, September 16, 2009

E + J Rain on your wedding day means happy marriage!

I have to admit I absolutely LOVE photographing brides getting ready. As much as I enjoy everything about weddings and all the other parts of the day are fabulous, there is something about the aura of anticipation and preparations for the big moment that gives you wings and inspiration. It really is the time to be the fly on the wall, the silent shooter and come out of that hotel suite room with a card full of shots that simply make you smile. Myself and David Lim did just so at Elizabeth and Jesse's wedding two weeks ago:

They were getting ready in adjacent rooms but DID NOT see each other before the ceremony!

I love when rare things like this happen. Somebody else's flash caught in your shot. This is exactly when the power of two photographers vs one comes out:

Rain never eased up on us during Elizabeth and Jesse's wedding but we took an advantage of it and laughed right in it's face, shooting outside no matter what and being quite happy about it ;)

Huge Thank You goes to our bride and groom who kept their spirits up against uncooperating weather and remained happy & cool all day long. We both had great time working with you! Credits go to Jodie Hamel and Julie Albanese from Artemis Floral Design, Laraine Slavitt from About Face Cosmetics, Florentine Gardens.

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