Sunday, March 30, 2008

Kimberly and Chris in Tri BeCa !

It was barely 35 degrees in Manhattan but Kim and Chris (who are getting married in September 2008) braved the cold and showed up to our shoot enthusiastic and looking super chic!
Gritty and fabulous wall art, friendly local animals, sun glare, vintage bicycles, hot latte and our truly awesome couple made for an amazing and unforgettable Manhattan afternoon:

Did I mention we had very strong North Western winds?

Scanning the movie posters on our way, trying to keep current on latest posing (and make up) techniques ...

Kimberly and Chris + Super Chilly Weather = Very Toasty Set of Images! Thank you Guys- can't wait for the wedding!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Juliana and Ed in New York

A few weekends ago Juliana and Ed visited New York City. We went out together to a few restaurants and visited Orchid show at New York Botanical Gardens:

Wanna play a piano on the street ? Yes you can... only in New York :)

It was really cool spending some times with you guys again - Thanks ! We had much fun ! Please come again :)

Monday, March 17, 2008

Christie and John

Do you know that cool feeling when you meet new people and "click" with them immediately ? When you can feel right from the first moment that they are simply YOUR CLIENT... and then everything just falls in place so flawlessly ? Because that's what happened to us with Christie and John. They told us they are outdoor people who love nature and they wouldn't mind getting dirty during the engagement shoot - yoohoo ! They really meant it !

Here's some of our favorite shots from our last Saturday's nearly two hour long fun adventure:

This amazing reflection of the couple in a forest stream was captured by Monika:

One of my absolute favorite shots of the day:

...let's sping things around a little bit ;)

Towards the end of our session we met some kids sitting on a tree (yes..) and they wouldn't mind letting John try out one of their bikes. Normally John would probably pick a different color... :)

Christie and John - Thank You so much ! You were fearless and so easy to work with - we really had great time - can't wait for the wedding day !

Monday, March 10, 2008


Winter months are the time for us to revise our album offer. Our clients have a full freedom and flexibility of purchasing an album of their choice after they have reviewed their wedding images online and as 4x6 proofs (for PRICING and TECHNICAL DETAILS please follow this link). There are many album companies that we can work with but we want only the best for our customers ! The purpose of this post is to provide general information and images of how the albums look. Please contact us for pricing and technical details.


Let's start with our "flagship", top of the line, most desired by brides, made in Italy
Graphistudio 9.5 x 13 design:

Absolutely gorgeous presentation of your wedding in horizontal or vertical format. Two page spreads are 26'' long and the center crease is almost invisible:

It's "crystal clear" cover is a thick layer of acrylique with a metalic print permanently attached to it from the bottom:

It makes the album look contemporary, fresh, upscale and sophisticated. The print quality is simply as good as it gets in this industry (I can say this with over 7 years of experience exploring tens of album manufacturers - David). The pages are thick and sturdy with straight cut finish on the corners and sides and there are two choices of paper finish, lustre or metalic:

With extremely durable binding and overall top notch quality this album is a #1 choice for a contemporary bride. Your family will be in awe, friends stunned, other brides envious. Guaranteed :)


Great news ! These two upscale looking books are now included in our basic coverage. They compliment the more substantial, Graphistudio album in a great way:

Our Clients receive them as soon as possible after the wedding (2-3 months). They provide a wonderful presentation of your wedding day images and can be treated as "enchanced proofing"

Clear acrylic cover provides consistent look with the bigger and more sophisticated Graphistudio album:

The feedback we have received so far on these books has been realy great - we can't wait to deliver more of them during the upcoming season !


With completely new idea, contemporary look, sleek and stylish look Asukabook stormed wedding photography market a few years ago. Yes, we are proud to have these books on our offfer for 2008 !

Flexible pages, book-like binding and hard cover allow this album to be lightweight even with 80 sides of design:

The binding however is just as durable as all other albums that we offer, it will stand the test of time:


Offered in 8x10 or 10x10 sizes this album is often picked by our customers as an alternative for parent books:

Unique features of this album are the metal corners:

prints mounted on top of pages (which allows two different types of finish, metallic or luster photographic prints):

..and names engraved on the cover:

With strong and durable binding the designer's album maintains the quality of all our product line:

The best feature of all our albums is that their design is only limited by our creativity. We try to keep it simple yet engaging and interesting, combining powerful imagery with good aesthetics:

For all technical information (number of pages/sides/images, type of binding, covers, etc.) please refer to our online PDF DOCUMENT that will always contain most current updates.