Monday, March 17, 2008

Christie and John

Do you know that cool feeling when you meet new people and "click" with them immediately ? When you can feel right from the first moment that they are simply YOUR CLIENT... and then everything just falls in place so flawlessly ? Because that's what happened to us with Christie and John. They told us they are outdoor people who love nature and they wouldn't mind getting dirty during the engagement shoot - yoohoo ! They really meant it !

Here's some of our favorite shots from our last Saturday's nearly two hour long fun adventure:

This amazing reflection of the couple in a forest stream was captured by Monika:

One of my absolute favorite shots of the day:

...let's sping things around a little bit ;)

Towards the end of our session we met some kids sitting on a tree (yes..) and they wouldn't mind letting John try out one of their bikes. Normally John would probably pick a different color... :)

Christie and John - Thank You so much ! You were fearless and so easy to work with - we really had great time - can't wait for the wedding day !


  1. Christie & JohnMarch 17, 2008 at 5:51 PM

    we're at a loss for words! you guys are just amazing - true artists!!! thank you so much for an awesome day (we were exhausted)! looking forward to seeing you in may!

    much love,
    christie & john

  2. What beautiful photos. You can actually feel the love coming off the screen in a few of them. Both of their great personalities are shining through.