Monday, August 31, 2009

Michelle + John. First, we take IKEA!

Ever since I invaded local grocery stores with Jennifer and Tim several months ago I was hoping I would get to have another engagement session this season in an unusual location. When I was talking to Michelle on the phone right before their engagement shoot she mentioned "IKEA". "Yeeeees!" I went in my mind, without trying to sound too excited...because you never know how it is really going to turn out. With a wild shoot like that you might get lucky and get amazing stuff or you might get kicked out after the first photo by on overzealous security guard! As a matter of fact that is what we were expecting...but it didn't happen. We ran through the whole store and Michelle even....oh, I should stop talking and just let you enjoy the images!

At this point I need to thank my fiancee Ella! Without her involvement some of these shots would not be possible. Thanks for helping with light and getting all the superb shots from different angles that put together make for incredible sequences just like the one below:

The second part of Michelle and John's session was shot at an outdoor location in Red Hook, NY. I'm sure to many of you this place will look familiar. We loved the old train, such a perfect opportunity to create RAD, DIRTY AND GRITTY looking images!

Right before losing the last light of the day we have captured the closing image - again, working together on lighting and exposure against the evening sky! Michelle and John - this feels like such an exciting adventure - thanks for being so awesome! Everybody else - stay tuned for more, chapter two is coming soon!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Well Wed Hamptons- new publication!

Karen & Scott's gorgeous wedding I shot last November was just published in WellWed Hamptons edition! The beauty and elegance of this amazing event was created by Jill Gordon

Sunday, August 23, 2009

amantes sunt amentes deliciae/ Suzanne + Jesse! PART 2

Lovers are delightful lunatics .. one more time! Suzanne & Jesse tied the proverbial knot in the middle of Central Park, on a little charming 'bow bridge' in a presence of 3 close friends, and an international crowd of cheering passers by... David Mielcarek & I had a fantastic session with these two around the park, and later captured some of their friends having drinks with Suzanne & Jesse at a swanky South Gate Bar!
It truly was a spectacular day spent with S & J- I simply adore them, and I hope that the photos show it!