Sunday, May 24, 2009

I saw you on the "Bounty"!

...said George the security guy at a local supermarket in New Windsor, NY when he was kicking us out. "No photography in the store!" - begging did not help. We had a strong desire to shoot something really different. After visiting a metal scrap yard and a high rise railroad bridge we simply wanted to shoot inside a supermarket! But George couldn't keep us from it. Shop Rite just on the other side of the road turned out to be a lot more photo friendly. We did get our 'slimjim' photo after all (plus a bonus pack of a lot more). Jennifer and Tim - I haven't had this much fun in a long time! Thank You so much for being absolutely borderline crazy and ready for anything, thank you for all the amazing locations and all the laughs we've had during your shoot. The images below are only a handful of what I really like, more coming soon!

Stay tuned for Jennifer and Tim's wedding this fall - working with them for a photographer is basically like a banana time in a monkey cage! A lot of good stuff coming your way and you better be ready to catch it fast!

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