Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Spinning it around with Rory and Mark!

The title of this post pretty much describes our experience with Rory and Mark (in the most positive and cheerful way)! What can I say - they are funky, happy, cool and what was absolutely the best about them - they trusted us completely with the photography and what we wanted to do for their special day! Imagine this: it's after the ceremony, after the formal family session, bridal party session and bride and groom session. We have a lot of really good photos already in our CF card wallets. After arriving to the reception venue we are being led by an attendant to the main room. On the way we pas through a storage room that almost brings back to mind the famous session at the end of 2006 that started the whole concept of "project madlove". Anyway, we immediately decide to shoot in that room, not outdoors around the venue, not on the green fields of the beautiful golf course, not in the gazebo.. (auch! did I just say the "g" word?!?) but in the storage room. To our content Rory and Mark go flawlessly with the idea. It pays off! We enjoy the session so much that Monika takes photos with her iPhone and posts them to her facebook profile before the session is over (sign of times?). So to illustrate what I'm talking about I'm going to turn this post upside down and start with the 'grungy' images:

...and here's the rest of the favorite images that were captured by myself and Monika Broz:

Rory and Mark - thank you for being rock stars! We loved working with you and can't wait to come back next season for another wedding in the family! Yaaay!


  1. your pictures are pure art, love it!
    cheers from mexico

  2. love the grunge and all the styles that you incorporated into one wedding--it works!

  3. Great Photos! Can't wait to work with You on wedding!!