Monday, December 3, 2007

December 1, Kristen and Steven

December weddings have special mood. Christmas decorations are around, smell of gingerbread cookies in the air... oh, I feel a bit cheezy writing this but who doesn't like Christmas ! Let's start with some high fashion details:

Our version of "the bride by the window" shot:

There's also the groom by his window:

...and the groom grabbing christmas tree ornaments :)

...and the groom... wait - where did the Christmas mood go ?!?

What can I say - we are fearless, peculiar and unconventional. Oh yes - the header of this blog wasn't created just out of the blue :) Ok, back to romantic images:

Kristen, naturally happy:

Leaves on the ground ?

Leaves in the air ! Yaaay !

Some favorites from the reception at the Downtown Club, Philadelphia:

The closing shot:

Kristen and Steven ! Thank You - it was much fun to work with you ! Happy New Year !