Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cold day in the city - thankfully with a hot couple!

Meat packing district was not welcoming the day Courtney and Brian decided to visit New York but cold weather and ghastly winds won't stop a couple in love from having fun in front of our cameras! Good! We captured it all walking with our hot couple around lower Manhattan, coming up with fresh ideas for well known locations. These are favorites from both Monika Broz and myself:

Courtney and Brian's wedding is coming up this summer and it will be one to look forward to. Not only with a special locations but even stronger team of photographers coming from accross the pond to help us with the coverage! Stay tuned for more details!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Special MAD LOVE V-DAY Photo Shoot Giveaway Extravaganza!

So, you are Madly in Love, yes? The world around you is painted in vibrant colors and everything you hear sounds like heavenly music? Oh, come on....don't be afraid to admit those cheezy feelings! It's Valentine's Day special photo shoot giveaway! Your chance to have yourself and your Luv captured in photographs! Yaaay! ...and not just by anybody (ha! boldly speaking - we are awesome at what we do! I mean....just look at all the blog posts below!) - both of us will be there, Monika Broz & David Mielcarek to show the world how cool love can be seen through our lenses! So please don't be shy and send us a photo of both of you along with a short description of how mad your love really is (have you done a crazy thing for love lately ?) - we want to hear the story in NO MORE than 2 paragraphs of text! Yes, start writing and e-mail us now! Because that is the only condition you need to meet to get some outstanding, free photography! Woohooo! We are waiting - don't waste time, entries are accepted till midnight March14 and the winning couple wil be announced on March 15.
The shoot will take place this Spring/ Summer.
You do not have to be engaged to participate. You can already be married, too.
You must live within the Tri State area.
We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Arizona Oh l'amour.

In January I attended the convention for wedding photographers held in Carefree village, about 45 min. South of Phoenix, Arizona. That event was quite vibrant, seminars were informative, people were fascinating... But, most of all I was stunned, speechless & in awe faced with the beauty & grandeur of the land. I seriously and gravely left the part of my heart there, in the desert. I still daydream about red mountains, fantastic boulders (just like from 'Flintstones':), electric blue skies at night, the temperature drops, chillin' by the fire, brilliant flora of the desert....
If you're in Arizona, and getting married, please drop me a line. I would be thrilled to go back.
Oh, and I took a couple of photos of beautiful people of Arizona. Enjoy.