Friday, November 28, 2008

Tracy & Jim, A gourd-geous wedding!

This past Halloween we had a pleasure of documenting a very beautiful wedding of Tracy & Jim. After the ceremony we traveled to the campus of the Swarthmore college, and shot Tracy & Jim's session there, catching the last rays of autumn sun. The reception took place at the Mendenhall Inn in Chadds Ford, PA.

According to some 19th century Halloween games unmarried women were frequently told that if they sat in a darkened room and gazed into a mirror on Halloween, the face of their future husband would appear in the mirror.
So, let's start with Tracy's reflection in the tabletop... (we did not get to see Jim :)

Friday, November 21, 2008

Westchester splendor and a match made in heaven !

Alexis and Clark ! Where do I even begin ! If we often say on this blog that our couples are fun to work with, easy-going and incredibly photogenic then you two are the role models to follow :) Hip, cool, funky, successful, energetic, outgoing, happy and... oh, probably most adjectives from the header of our blog at the top of this page. It is always a pleasure for us to work at Whitby Castle but of course it is even better with a gorgeous couple like yourselves and very accomodating and pleasure to be around families ! Here's a small selection of our favorite images:

Alexis and Clark - Thank You for a fantastic day ! We had the best time !

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fun all over Manhattan with Shari and Dave !

Trying to catch the last days of this years Fall season and hit a warm day before days get too cold to shoot I invited my dear friend Elisabeth Millay to shoot an engagement session. Shari and Dave were our victims for the day ! They were rolling among leaves in Central Park and running around West Village showing us their favorite places in the city. We had great time capturing them together !

The following two images by Elisabeth:

As always, it's hard not to overshoot in lower Manhattan, wherever you go you can find something interesting and then put your own twist on it :)

Even a hummer parked on a street can be utilized for a cool photo:

Shari and Dave - thank you for the wonderful Sunday afternoon and the drink afterwards ! Yaaay ! Can't wait to shoot the wedding in the Summer 2009 !