Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fun all over Manhattan with Shari and Dave !

Trying to catch the last days of this years Fall season and hit a warm day before days get too cold to shoot I invited my dear friend Elisabeth Millay to shoot an engagement session. Shari and Dave were our victims for the day ! They were rolling among leaves in Central Park and running around West Village showing us their favorite places in the city. We had great time capturing them together !

The following two images by Elisabeth:

As always, it's hard not to overshoot in lower Manhattan, wherever you go you can find something interesting and then put your own twist on it :)

Even a hummer parked on a street can be utilized for a cool photo:

Shari and Dave - thank you for the wonderful Sunday afternoon and the drink afterwards ! Yaaay ! Can't wait to shoot the wedding in the Summer 2009 !

1 comment:

  1. Elizabeth, you totally nailed that tree and leaves shot. it's just perfect. i love the yellow tones in the image.