Friday, November 7, 2008

Samantha and Gerren - love on fire !

How does love work ? We meet so many people when we go through our lives and many times we feel nothing at all. Then, all of a sudden (usually when you least expect it) - an arrow through the heart and... you're in love ! Honestly, I don't know how Samantha and Gerren met and how their love started. I do think that they were meant for each other and it was a pleasure to watch them together during one of the most important days of their lives. Almost literally their love was on fire :) and we - together with Robin Roemer - shot it:

A big Thank You goes to our bride and groom for being so accomodating and easy going ! Our day with you was much fun ! Oh, and I have to mention the special bond I have formed with Gerren based on our common music interests - I know it will never be forgotten ! (ok, inside joke - but I couldn't resist, the post simply wouldn't fly without it !)

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  1. They look great! And you're right, the fire ones came out pretty awesome.