Monday, November 3, 2008

Swimming with the world's largest fishes! Christine & Andrew

Christine & Andrew got married in the truly adventurous spirit. During the emotional ceremony dozens of hungry eyes were literally following their every move! And I am not talking about friends & realtives shortly before the cocktail hour... I am talking about the fiercest eyes in the world: Sandtiger Sharks, Sandbar Sharks, Green Sawfish and even Chris & Andrew exchanged their wovs in front of the large Shark display at the Camden Adventure Aquarium overlooking Philadelphia downtown skyline ... What a great, unique way to get married!
Andrew was no less creative in proposing to Chris. He designed the banner ad that run in the local magazine and found its way to Christines's hands. Needles to say, she said 'yes'. I am glad she did. We had lots of fun at their wedding, swimming with sharks, dancing till midnight!
Christine wore really sylish shoes by Betsey Johnson (hint to all my brides- shoes other than white are HOT, ladies!!!!!)

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  1. Monika & David ~
    AMAZING! Blue, blue and more blue! These shots are absolutely stunning. Words can't express how much I am in love with them & your style. I leave wanting more! Thank you for an awesome day!
    ~Chris a.k.a. The Bride