Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Where maple syrup comes from !

Vermont definitely had more than one surprise in store for us. Apart from being incredibly cold (temperature at night was below freezing point ! auch ! we did not come dressed for such occasion !) it turned out to be amazingly hospitable state. When we arrived to our motel the night before Leyla & Mike's wedding in September - it was already late evening. We found an envelope with our names and room keys waiting for us on the reception door. I can't really imagine similar situation taking place in NY/NJ ! Would anyone believe that the keys will really be picked up by the person they were waiting for ? Ha ha ! Fortunately, the next morning we happily said 'hello' to a warmer day, got some maple syrup at a local store and joined the wedding festivities with the bride and groom and their families. These are favorite images from both myself and my teammate Robin Roemer:

Leyla & Mike - Thank You for boldly following our directions and being so much fun !

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