Sunday, October 5, 2008

Nowhere else but in little, old New York...

...can you find inexhaustible street locations for amazing photography for couples in love. A Sunday walk through the 'hood' near Emily and Peter's apartment was nothing but fun. Here's what we saw through our lenses on the way:

So how do we shoot our engagement sessions ? There is absolutely no pre-conceived ideas. We really do walk around an area and work with what we see and think will give us a chance for a good shot. It doesn't always work (and then we simply move on) but very often it does :)

Emily and Peter - thank you for being so coll and enthusiastic - we can't wait to shoot the wedding in December !

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  1. Dear David and Monika,

    Thank you so much for capturing this amazing time in our lives for us! We had such an absolute blast with you both and we think the photos are out of this world!

    We cannot wait to see you again in a few short weeks.