Friday, April 11, 2008

Carla and Paul - cold weather, warm feelings !

Our second day in Washington DC was ruthlessly cold but that wasn't a problem at all ! Our clients are fearless and they can withstand any temperature. We tested Carla and Paul in this regard to the limit but luckily for us they were great sport about everything. When a couple has the kind of chemistry they do - I guess you could shoot them in a carton box and still get wonderful images. Here's what we were able to create in downtown Washington:

Did I mention they had great chemistry ? ;)

One image with a Polish accent, oooh... we couldn't resist :)

There was a lot of jumping going on, some for joy and some for experimental art in photography !

Carla and Paul ! Thank You so much... for following all our crazy requests with complete confidence & trust !

...for your inexhaustible stamina, patience and sense of humor !

We truly had great time with you and we are so looking forward to the wedding in just a few weeks ! Oh... one shot to end this post, the fiery and untamed Monika Broz at work ! Rock on, baby !

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Patricia and Daniel - a little drama goes a long way :)

Weekend in Washington, DC. Two couples to photograph. One week earlier the weather forecast says "sunny and sixty" - "oh yeah!" we're thinking "this is going to be great!" Then the forecast changes, a few days before it says "rain on Saturday but sunny and warm Sunday". "Hmmm..." we think "we can go with that - we'll just shoot both couples on Sunday" and then we arrive to Washington and guess what... Saturday is beautiful, Sunday - rainy and cold. Fine ! So we don't have luck with weather and the forecast changes faster than gas prices but... we still have our awesome couples who are ready for anything ! Cold ? Rain ? Dark ? So what ! We still shoot and have tons of fun:

They were cool, happy, patient, pretty and... smokin' hot together:

"think drama ! more drama !" were our directions to get more daring and dramatic expressions out of our subjects who turned out to be excellent actors !

The midnight walk all around Georgetown gave us endless opportunities and locations for really cool shots:

Next morning we visited the town center of Leesburg, VA. Wooden shopping plaza in the rain turned out to be another fantastic location for a mad love photography session:

...and then it started raining for good. What do we do ? Shoot in a parking garage - why not ! It actually allowed us to go with more of a "fashiony" twist !

Patricia and Daniel - Thank You for being awesome models ! We truly can't wait for the wedding this July !