Sunday, December 14, 2008

Suzanne & Brian, Adorning the Pages ...

Suzanne & Brian, who got married in real style at the fabulous Lake House Inn were selected and featured in the Real Weddings sections of The Brides Philadelphia! Congrats Suzanne & Brian!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Chic & Lovely in the Hamptons, Karen & Scott

As the temperature drops, the sky changes from an azure to a chrome gray, with only hints of blue. The birds fly south, boats are pulled out of the water, and the landscape becomes vacant. It’s still Hamptons, full of joy & glamour, but in more contemplative mode.
Karen & Scott were wed there in November. It was frigid temperatures, but the entire day was so heartwarming & simply splendid! Karen was graceful & stunning. She wore a Monique Lhuillier gown, and Christian Louboutin shoes. Scott was charming and handsome. Everyone had a blast during the reception, held at the Whitefield, a stately venue designed by Stanford White. Amazing Jill Gordon and her dream team designed and executed every detail of this wedding to perfection.
My amazing and talented friend Kristin Reimer shot with me that day, thank you Kristin!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Classic beauty & modern elegance - Gillian and Roeland !

The New York Tennis and Racquet Club a few weeks ago became the arena for Gillian and Roeland's wedding. Apart from splendid details, red shoes (yes ! red bridal shoes ! woohoo !) and truly fun loving people around us for the whole day we were given a taste of a true romance. The bride and groom bring together two different cultures, different languages and different continents (yes, it all was an excellent material for jokes during the speeches at the reception...ok, nevermind). Their story started in Chicago and after a few years brought us all an unforgettable experience of this exquisite Manhattan wedding. I assembled a team consisting of myself and my good friends Robin Roemer and David Lim. We couldn't have enjoyed more working with Gillian, Roeland and their guests. Running accross and along Park Avenue when - like at a special request - it stopped raining and the sun came out exactly when we needed, photographing the symphony of colors and fantastic looking details at the reception and being around the wildly funny bridal party members were only some of the day's highlights. The photos below are just a few favorites from what we captured, of course I HAVE TO start this post witht the shoes :) so... let's go with not just one but three shots of the shoes !

(the above shot by Robin Roemer)

(above photo by Robin Roemer)

(above photo by Robin Roemer)

(above photo by Robin Roemer)

(above two photos by David Lim)

Gillian & Roeland - your wedding was a special experience for us. Thank You for all the gorgeous elements and making our work so easy. The hot-dogs at the exit were a top idea, too !