Friday, May 29, 2009

Shelley & Ryan, do glamour on the park !

Shelley & Ryan, thank you for a wonderful afternoon.. for being so chic.. for giggling by the ice cream truck, cuddling by the rainbow and climbing small mountains- in stilettos.. You two rock!!!
All was captured around Fort Tryon park, and Cloisters.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

K + V , rocking the DUMBO!

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to spend the afternoon with Karine & Vahig. They are so amazing interacting with each other, that is a pleasure to watch & documenting made easy. I am super excited for their wedding in late June!!

C + C at the Union League!

My friend & very talented artist Nadine invited me to shoot with her a super beautiful wedding of Caroline & Chris at the Union League, one of the most glamorous venues in Philadelphia.
Enjoy my quick selection of images!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"Say anything"!

The numbers were "against" Deniz and Pablo during yesterday's engagement session in New York. They found themselves "in the line of fire" of three photographers. First slightly intimidated they soon warmed up to us and became entertaining and a true joy to work with. Towards the end of their session we were shooting at the waterfront overlooking the shore of New Jersey. People were relaxing on a lawn right next to us, some of them listening to music. All of a sudden we heard "In your eyes" (soundtrack from the movie "Say anything" with John Cusack) by Peter Gabriel and one of us commented "uh oh! this is the cheezy 80's part of our shoot!" which triggered a quite funny reaction from the person who was playing the music. They turned it up loud, stood up and held their boombox high above their head (literally recreating a scene from the movie). Not that Deniz and Pablo weren't in a dancing mood already but that made our shoot even better! During the late afternoon spent with the couple we captured so much that I could fill the whole blog with their images...but here's a few favorites:

Deniz and Pablo's wedding is taking place this year in Istanbul! All the best to you guys and thank you so much for an amazing time during your session!