Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Patricia and Daniel - a little drama goes a long way :)

Weekend in Washington, DC. Two couples to photograph. One week earlier the weather forecast says "sunny and sixty" - "oh yeah!" we're thinking "this is going to be great!" Then the forecast changes, a few days before it says "rain on Saturday but sunny and warm Sunday". "Hmmm..." we think "we can go with that - we'll just shoot both couples on Sunday" and then we arrive to Washington and guess what... Saturday is beautiful, Sunday - rainy and cold. Fine ! So we don't have luck with weather and the forecast changes faster than gas prices but... we still have our awesome couples who are ready for anything ! Cold ? Rain ? Dark ? So what ! We still shoot and have tons of fun:

They were cool, happy, patient, pretty and... smokin' hot together:

"think drama ! more drama !" were our directions to get more daring and dramatic expressions out of our subjects who turned out to be excellent actors !

The midnight walk all around Georgetown gave us endless opportunities and locations for really cool shots:

Next morning we visited the town center of Leesburg, VA. Wooden shopping plaza in the rain turned out to be another fantastic location for a mad love photography session:

...and then it started raining for good. What do we do ? Shoot in a parking garage - why not ! It actually allowed us to go with more of a "fashiony" twist !

Patricia and Daniel - Thank You for being awesome models ! We truly can't wait for the wedding this July !

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