Friday, April 11, 2008

Carla and Paul - cold weather, warm feelings !

Our second day in Washington DC was ruthlessly cold but that wasn't a problem at all ! Our clients are fearless and they can withstand any temperature. We tested Carla and Paul in this regard to the limit but luckily for us they were great sport about everything. When a couple has the kind of chemistry they do - I guess you could shoot them in a carton box and still get wonderful images. Here's what we were able to create in downtown Washington:

Did I mention they had great chemistry ? ;)

One image with a Polish accent, oooh... we couldn't resist :)

There was a lot of jumping going on, some for joy and some for experimental art in photography !

Carla and Paul ! Thank You so much... for following all our crazy requests with complete confidence & trust !

...for your inexhaustible stamina, patience and sense of humor !

We truly had great time with you and we are so looking forward to the wedding in just a few weeks ! Oh... one shot to end this post, the fiery and untamed Monika Broz at work ! Rock on, baby !

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