Thursday, May 1, 2008

April 26, Tiffany and Eric

The first wedding of the season. Even though I have photographed hundreds of them, there's always this unexplained anxiety, anticipation, excitement... Luckily for me Tiffany turns out to be the very definition of an easy-going and photographer-friendly bride. Completely trusting my judgement, happy, bubbly and full of joy all day long:

Before the above image was created...

For the bridesmaids portrait we went... maximum pink !

Cool brides arrive to the ceremony in cool rides :)

Emotions taking over while walking down the aisle:

Married !

Something in blue ?

More from the couple's session shot at the Camden Waterfront area:

First dance and the reception were held at the Holiday Inn, Cherry Hill NJ:

I saw some good, old friends Angela and Rob:

Closing shot of the night:

Ok, I know... I HAVE TO post this one...

Tiffany & Eric ! Thank You so much for DA Bomb opening wedding of the season !!! LADY ! (inside joke - please forgive)

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