Friday, May 16, 2008

May 10, Carla and Paul at Kentmorr Rapture :)

Carla and Paul greeted us with smiles and open arms on their wedding day even though it was raining cats and dogs in the morning. After our Washington DC adventure with them we knew hey are not afraid of cold weather but their ceremony was supposed to take place on a beach. The forecast was quite on the edge... with possibly clear skies early afternoon. So we arrived to Kentmorr Island hoping that our good luck with weather will carry on from the previous season and guess what... it did !!! As soon as the bride started walking down the aisle it was literally like the hand of God moving the clouds away. The sun came out and it stayed with us for the rest of the day. It's quite an amazing feeling when something like this happens during a wedding. Does it help us create great images ? Oh yeah !

During the couple's session Monika picked up an interesting "add-on" to the lens
and started shooting through it. Here's the artistic creation that came out of this little experiment:

We definitely liked this effect so we kept our new "tool". I don't want to reveal what it is because... maybe we'll use it for future work :)
During the reception at Kentmorr Restaurant:

At the end of the day and beautiful sunset light we continued shooting the newlyweds at their favorite bar and waterfront area:

Carla and Paul - the day with you was nothing but good clean fun ! Thank You so much !

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