Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dayna and Matt - all the world's a stage !

What I really like about our recent engagement sessions is that no two of them were the same yet. We have shot several in Manhattan, two in Washington DC, went to the woods, abandoned buildings, lakeshore and pumpkin field. Thanks to Dayna and Matt a few days ago we have added a theatre scene to our collection. Oh, it was splendid to be able to use all the lights, decorations and the stupendous surroundings. The most astonishing however, were our actors who made the spectacle truly unforgettable !

For the second act of our special performance we stepped out to the streets right around the playhouse and... the fun continued:

Dayna and Matt - I guess we don't have to tell you how much fun it was working with you ! Your wedding is more than a year away but... "how poor ar they that have not patience !"


  1. The two of you are absolutely adorable, and these photos are gorgeous!!! So excited for you!! I love you both! - Ash

  2. I love all the pictures. They're beautiful and so are both of you. Grandma

  3. These photos are just stunning- really unique and beautiful. How exciting... mazel tov! :)

  4. Amazing...but i guess i'm a little prejudiced!
    Aunt Diane

  5. dude! these pics rock! you guys look so cute together! you guys rock! i love ya!