Friday, November 21, 2008

Westchester splendor and a match made in heaven !

Alexis and Clark ! Where do I even begin ! If we often say on this blog that our couples are fun to work with, easy-going and incredibly photogenic then you two are the role models to follow :) Hip, cool, funky, successful, energetic, outgoing, happy and... oh, probably most adjectives from the header of our blog at the top of this page. It is always a pleasure for us to work at Whitby Castle but of course it is even better with a gorgeous couple like yourselves and very accomodating and pleasure to be around families ! Here's a small selection of our favorite images:

Alexis and Clark - Thank You for a fantastic day ! We had the best time !


  1. these images are rockin'. love them. great job!

  2. wow these these could be in magazines... incredible....