Saturday, August 1, 2009

Alison + Jaime, in love and lived happily ever after!

'Horoscopes: July 25, 2009

Daily Planet Overview:

Venus opposing Pluto today brings intensity to matters of love and relationships, as partners are faced with au courant side of romance.

At this time you will have plenty of opportunities to evolve many areas of your life to a much deeper level, and plan for a future that is perfectly in alignment with your true self.

Listen to the wind and focus on what it is that you want from the special person in your life. In the most unusual of ways, the answer will come to you. Always enjoy each other, hug puppies, walk in the meadows with your beloved, smell the warm breeze and hum sweet songs.'

I had a pleasure of shooting Alison and Jaime's gorgeous wedding with Adam Ludwik , a brilliant photographer from Europe! He captured many amazing images.

We were also joined by another talented shooter, Marcin Sliwinski , thank you Marcin!

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  1. congrats alison and jaime! i miss my friend ziggy! :( anyway, time waits for no person. best wishes

    debbie cole