Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The lucky 777's hit the press!

Ivone and Alfrin, my wonderful couple who tied the knot on the luckiest of all dates, July 7, 2007 was just published by the knot magazine. Once again, congratulations to the bride and groom - your wedding was fabulous and a pleasure to photograph!


  1. Congradulations, looks fantastic!

  2. Congratulations David!!! Your pics. look AMAZING, as always!!! You must feel so PROUD to make it to a magazine!!! This proves how GREAT you are!!!
    -Angela Moravek

  3. Monika,
    Amazing work as usual! Do you know how one would be able to submit a wedding ( mine ;) ) to this publication? How neat would that be!
    -Celeste Sedo Tini

  4. Dear Celeste,
    Thank You so much for the compliments! I'll gladly accept them as this time it was me (David) who hit a homerun and found his name on the pages of a magazine with some wedding photos. Yaaay!

  5. David!!! This is still so unreal to us!!! I'm still pinching myself! I had no idea it would be a 4 pager!!! We are so blessed to have found deserve all of the recognition in the world. Your work is absolutely amazing! All of the pictures you took of the details paid off! Thank you a million times over for the great job. We will contact you soon! Ivone