Thursday, July 2, 2009

Keeping up with the Joneses, Cori + Rollie !

I was really looking forward to Cori & Rollie's wedding from the day we first met. First of all, they are quite awesome individuals with truly unique style. Second: all the action was to take place at one of my fave locations, an old grist mill on the Delaware River. Third reason was that they had something over 30 children (ranging in ages from 10 weeks to 12 years) in their wedding party... How fun is that! Did I mention all the kids were dressed in white !? Cori & Rollie's wedding was exactly as I imagined: a big garden party with super friendly vibe, attended by great Friends & Family, filled with fantastic details & fun accents... Another bonus for me was a brilliant second photographer who worked with me that day Tim Dinofa I met Tim a couple of years ago on occasion of photographing his wedding. Since then he's been mastering his craft as a very successful portrait/ wedding photographer.

Cori had a fantastic headpiece, and her gown was a bespoke creation.

Rollie, by Tim.

Limoncello toast, by Tim- I absolutely adore this image!

Prallsville Mills..

Beautiful ceremony detail:

Absolutely tempting & scrumptious food and drink by Dish Catering

Ice cream stand with many great flavors.. I heard that banana peanut butter was most popular!

That was one non traditional wedding cake...

Cori, distributing gifts to children. Each bag had screen printed name of the recipient.

Kids, by Tim:

Dancing, by Tim:

Cori & Rollie, everything was absolutely fantastic, Thank You for having us!!


  1. monika, i just love your images. cori & rollie's wedding had such a unique and playful vibe and i am very thankful to have been there to capture those memories with you. - your ending image is fantastical, the smoke from the fire pit is killer.

  2. I worked this wedding as a server. I remember thinking, "wow, there are a lot of photographers!" But the results are excellent. Some of the most interesting wedding pictures I've ever seen. And the people at this wedding were all very nice. This is not an easy thing to say in the world of catering. It was a pleasure to serve them.