Sunday, July 5, 2009

Erin + Remy, love, puppies & rainbows.

Erin & Remy, my really super fun & gorgeous June couple got married at a majestic Princeton University Chapel in the heart of Princeton University. After ceremony, we took a quick stroll through the campus, only interrupted by one cute puppy- seriously- look below, and some (not so cute) rain.
Lively reception took place at XIX Restaurant - a REALLY fantastic & pretty intimate venue in Downtown Philadelphia...
I must add that all the floral elements of this wedding were created by Erin- she did such an amazing job- !! Bravo!

Erin & Remy, your photographers ( myself + David Mielcarek) had such an amazing time- Thank you for having us!!!

Erin did the flowers, I looove!!!

She had so many great looks, I seriously couldn't narrow down, thus the collage...

Erin's super nice Dad.

There he is!

Restaurant XIX is pretty funky & unique.

Guests/ friends of Erin & Remy were literally pulled onto the stage and performed with the band!


  1. I love these!! wide church shot is awesome!!

  2. I love the clarity of your pictures. Very nice, I enjoyed looking at them and the picture of the church amazing.