Monday, July 13, 2009

Courtney & Brian = Baltimore Delight!

Courtney and Brian! If we could we would post a hundred images from your wedding right here on the blog but then we would have to rename it to "C&B wedding blog" ;)
We are just very excited about what we captured and recorded on our cards just a few days ago! Even though the below selection of favorites is just a quick glimpse we hope it will give you a good idea of what's coming! Your wedding was absolutely gorgeous from beginning to end! Courtney you looked Amazing, Brian - your team at the Oriole Park was fantastic to work with and of course the location was very special - it was so much fun to be there!

The team was consisting of myself, Monika Broz and our friend Adam Ludwik (one of Poland's best!) who is visiting from overseas and photographing with us throughout the month of July! The below collection is a mix of favorites from all of us:

Brian had an opportunity to use The Orioles Park at Camden Yards for his photo shoot with the groomsmen. It was something we haven't done before. Shooting at the baseball stadium was a fun and refreshing experience! Even though we had to follow pretty strict security guidelines we couldn't be happier with what we got!

Working at and around the Walters Art Museum was also a very rewarding part of the day. The surrounding area is a photographer's heaven and we were lucky enough to work not only with fantastic people but also the best light!

The credit for amazing center pieces and room decoration goes to Victoria Clausen, Romance of Flowers:

With entertainment provided by the fantastic Joker's Wild led by Vincent Borrelli, hair and makeup beautifully done by Madeleine C. Homes, delicious food served by Linwoods caterers and the overall coordination of the event by one of the kind Elizabeth Bailey we, the photographers had a really easy job to do. There were so many stylish and cool things around us to photograph and so many happy people having good time!

Courtney and Brian! You rock! Have the best honeymoon! Thank You so much for having us!


  1. AMAZING!!!! Just simply amazing....

  2. beautiful photos:) I like it :):)

  3. Wonderful photos - as usual.
    [I've been following your blog for a few months now and I'm always waiting for a new post!]

  4. WOW. These are amazing. You truly captured the great feelings of the day in these fabulous images. Although I love them all, the image of Courtney and Brian holding hands might be the favorite.

  5. I get here thru Adam's Facebook post and I am happy about it.
    Lovely work. All the best for all of you :)

  6. David, the photos are just beautiful. What a breathtaking day!

  7. David- the photos are just gorgeous. What a breathtaking day!

  8. Susan and Tony KindziaJuly 13, 2009 at 9:22 PM

    David + team, Thank you!!! Our children's wedding day will live forever thanks to your outstanding talent for capturing the most intimate moments of such a special day in our families' lives. And these preview photos are just a tip of the iceberg!! WOW!!

  9. OMG! What a coincidence. You did shoot in ball field! haha, that is a riot. Great job!