Friday, September 25, 2009

It may be 'decaf' but with so much kick!

Amanda and Andrew. So crazy in love, so happy during their entire day. There was a bride and groom session next to an old cannon, a high jumping bridal party, a bridal bouquet left alone at the top of a hill and very challenging limo ride to get it back! There was funkiness, dancing, a rocking band performance, good spirits and fabulous details. All wrapped in black and white coverage by myself and Robin Roemer. Here's some highlight images that were recorded on my cards:

Among other attractions during the reception we were treated with a very special performance by Andrew's reunited college band "Decaf Spoon"! Thank You everybody for a fabulous event! We had much fun!


  1. Wow, all black and white! These look absolutely fabulous - you guys did an awesome job! I love the shoes with the bokeh lights. And that limo looks so cool!

  2. David, the pictures are amazing! Andrew and I absolutely love them! The black and white is so cool and you really captured the excitement of the day :-)