Wednesday, September 2, 2009

"OMG! They pulled a Krazy Ivan!"

Dear Bride or Groom (or mother, father, sister, friend or anyone who knows THE Bride and Groom) - if your wedding is taking place between November 15 '2009 and April 15 '2010 you want to read this post!

Ok, the economy is tough. You are not sure you will be able to squeeze the cost of wedding photography into your budget. The details however look amazing, the location is beautiful and most of all - you two are in love! It would be so cool if a really talented, contemporary photographer could capture it all with an artistic flare...
please cry not my dear bride as we have THE answer!

Starting RIGHT NOW we would like to offer a new package to our brides. It's called... you guessed it! KRAZY IVAN! Why such an insane name? Because it will cost you nothing to book! Yes, correct - you are required to pay ZERO dollars BEFORE the wedding to reserve your date with us. Ok, not entirely so - there is a $300 contract fee to cover our basic expenses but that money goes towards your first order of prints after the wedding. That is IT. No catches, no hidden/added fees, no tricks - it's a clean deal. We sign a contract and you GOT US SHOOTIN' your special day ( least one of us!). For $300. Seriously. Three hundred dollars (American). Because we are making ourselves so extremely available there are of course some rules but you will have to e-mail us to find out what they are...and when you do - please include some information about your plans like.. where and when are you getting married (you can throw in a short description of your vision - never hurts!). We'll be happy to answer and in most cases we'll do it within 12 hours.

ATTENTION: this is by no means a wedding giveaway. It's a contracted booking - just like all other weddings that we book during our busy season. The only difference is that if you are not absolutely in love with your photos after your wedding - you owe us nothing. The industry standard for wedding photographers is to collect the entire balance due BEFORE the we decided to swim against the current on this one. We're looking forward to hearing from you!

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  1. I like the name "Krazy Ivan". I live in Aruba but I'm sure a lot of brides-to-be in the states will take advantage of this. Nice to see wedding vendors taking the slumping economy into account these days.