Monday, October 5, 2009

Anne and Ryan got married on the green!

With wedding photography there's a few simple tips that will almost always guarantee your audience applaud your photos. One of them: always shoot the kids! Usually it's enough to point your camera at the super cute flower girl to steal a few hearts. Get the ring bearer with that lost expression on his face while running down the aisle - priceless! We generally (myself and my second shooters) try not to overuse kids images on this blog. However, I have to admit there are times and there are weddings when you can't resist them. Anne and Ryan got married at the beautiful Manasquan River Golf Club in Brielle, NJ. I was joined by my friend Nate Juliano to cover the event. Apart from a happy bride, cool groom and a wonderful group of guests we had all the opportunity in the world to enhance our "children photography" portfolios...and since they truly were irresistible - so we did ;)

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