Monday, October 5, 2009

"When Harry met Sally..." sign up for a shoot with your love!

Hello ALL couples in the Eastern US! Here's our MAD LOVE shout out to you again! Feeling photogenic-romantic? Aaah, good timing - it's the Fall - best time to take photos of yourselves! You have just been thinking that, haven't you? Excellent! We have just came up with an idea of affordable sessions for two.

Whether you're dating, are engaged, married or simply romancing someone and would like to have exciting photos of yourselves created - this is the time to contact us... and we're not just talking a simple 'stand together, smile into the camera' portrait with blurred fall-color background (although we'll certainly capture one like that too) - we're talkin' boombastic, unrealistic, fantastic, artistically angled and creatively treated images here. Look what we've done before and smile, this could be you and your love:

We are much looking forward to hear from you and will be happy to share the details over e-mail (grab the dates while they last! availability will be determined following the 'first come first serve' rule!).


  1. if only the Eastern US were little closer to my little neck of [European] wood I'd be the first to call you and book such a joyful&energetic madlove session!

  2. Well.. European travel is on the horizon.. so it's all possible!