Thursday, October 8, 2009

ἀγάπη agápē - Athens, Greece- Marilena & Takis

A few weeks ago I got to travel to Athens, Greece and photograph Marilena & Takis tying the knot in a traditional Greek ceremony complete with crowning & rice throwing that took place in a small courtyard of a beautiful byzantine chapel.
After the ceremony, the couple departed carried in a chariot, or rather on a BMW motorcycle driven by Takis, a Greece champion in endurance motorcycle sports.
Traveling to Athens, documenting this wedding, absorbing the culture & local flavors and meeting M and T's friends and family was an absolute treat, and a magical adventure I will never forget!

Big Thank you also goes to my friend Scott Bush, one of the top NJ wedding photographers has referred Marilena to me. Last year he traveled to Crete to capture the wedding of one of Marilena's cousins, Marika.

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