Sunday, October 7, 2007

October 7, Joanna and Steven

We are really excited about the coverage for Joanna and Steven's wedding ! We had serious problems narrowing down images that we want to show ! Starting from the beginning of the day, here's the opening shot:

...and some important and beautiful details (Mickey Mouse is there for a reason: the bride and groom are Disney fans !)

Three tasteful images from Monika:

Before going to the ceremony Joanna and Steven took us for a shoot all around Philly downtown, our favorites:

The "theme" image of this post:

...and the story behind it - Steven the groom and Mark the best man are twin brothers. The image above was their idea but not the only trick they pulled today (and BTW: we couldn't possibly enjoy working with them more !). To many people the twins were recognizable because they were wearing different ties. Steven's was white and Mark's black. During the reception they decided to switch them. At some point we almost ended up taking Mark for photos with the bride instead of the groom ! Funny ! :)

Rewinding back to the ceremony, here's the bride with her parents moments before walking down the aisle:

Monika's ceremony favorites: more seen through my lens:

Let's not forget the gorgeous reception details. One of the main "ingredients" of Joanna and Steven's fabulous wedding was the reception at the Downtown Club, located in the heart of Philadelphia.

Is it Mark or Steven giving the speech ?

Joanna and Steven gathered a dancing crowd that didn't need much encouragement to fill the time between meals and cake cutting with real wedding fun:

The reception was ending "early", which gave us a unique opportunity to work with the most beautiful light of the day, right before sunset:

Warmest regards and "thank you's" go to Melody K Appel from INNOVE for fantastic and smooth collaboration, also to Chris and Darcy from DVIDEOGRAPHY for making working together a blast ! Most of all - THANK YOU Joanna and Steven for being such a cool, easy going and fun to work with couple !

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