Monday, March 16, 2009

Engagement session, but this time... LIVE!

A few months before the end of the year I was quite convinced Emily and Peter's wedding would be the last one we were photographing this season. Indeed - it was, at least if you mean a whole wedding day...but we couldn't have anticipated what was still coming our way. I was contacted by Joshua only about a month before his planned event. When I found out we were getting hired to photographed an actual engagement session I thought it would be a wonderful way to end the season. The most amazing element was that the bride to be was completely unaware of what was going to happen. Joshua masked the whole operation with a family gathering. When Elisa arrived to see his soon-to-be fiance she wasn't in the best mood. Even the location was not what she really expected...but when the whole mystery was revealed and she was presented with a ring and THE QUESTION - her mood improved dramaticaly :) Well... I guess sometimes it's all right to justify the means with a spectacular end! The arena for Joshua's secret succesful suprise was the famous Oheka Castle in Long Island. Myself and Monika Broz had the pleassure to witness and capture this very special event:

Joshua - you are the master planner! Congratulations to both of you and once again thank you so much for having us over, a wonderful meal and great time all around!

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