Friday, April 3, 2009

Arizona...I have seen a falling star!

Hearing (merely a few weeks ago!) about Tiffany & David's wedding plans was like an adrenaline shot! Getting married on the slope of Bell Rock sounded like a wonderful idea. Yet, the real thing still exceeded my expectations! Fantastic couple, absolutely gorgeous setting and possibly the most perfect weather. You simply can'tgo wrong! Indeed, on the last night of my stay I did see a falling star and oh yes I made a wish - not just one ;) Arizona wedding planners - I am shouting out to you - if you want to refer a cool photographer please do not hesitate to pass my name around :) Having spent the past eight years of my life on East Coast no wonder I am totally in love with your country! Ok, enough words - let's see some images:

Tiffany & David - thank you for inviting me to your wedding and allowing to shoot. It was a wonderful adventure that I'll never forget!


  1. Thank YOU David!
    You captured every moment wonderfully, and I can't get over how great the pictures came out.

    To have you be a part of our wedding day, is an honor, and I look forward to many, many good times ahead.

    David L.

  2. Haunting photos, and a beautiful funky couple!!!