Sunday, November 1, 2009

those lovely eyes that bound me- Laura & Leon

'Oh blessed be the day, the month, the year,
the season and the time, the hour, the instant,
the gracious countryside, the place where I was
struck by those two lovely eyes that bound me;'

I had to start with an excerpt from a poem on infatuation (love in other words :) by Petrarca. He actually wrote a collection of verses entitled 'Love sonnets to Laura'. Should I mention that Laura & Leon are Italian?

I absolutely delighted in working with them, their wonderful Families + Friends. Ceremony took place at Fordham University Chapel, followed by reception in picturesque
The Garrison

I had a pleasure of working with my awesome friend, and a truly brilliant photographer Mariann Szucs
Laura + Leon .. we did have most fantastic time on your wedding day, thank you!

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  1. the bw portraits of the bride are mesmerising! she looks stunning! and I like the shoes shot, and the rings shot, and the colours in the church, and the use of red leaves in the outdoor portraits - this passionate red works both as a frame and a curtain adding depth and wrapping the couple in their own world - very nice touch, i love it!
    [I meant to comment on this post much earlier but didn't manage, too much work to do...]