Friday, December 18, 2009

Oh, it was jolly! (photo booth goes seasonal)

Photobooths have been getting more and more popular at weddings, and for good reasons. Guests are having tons of fun taking their own pictures and brides have resolved the question of wedding favors! Therefore wedding photographers are trying to get more creative satisfying the demand. Some are offering setups where guests are indeed "pressing a button" to take the photo (a remote shutter release), some are cooperating with a traditional, real photo booth company that actually delivers the very box to the wedding venue. Some prefer to have a second/third photographer take care of this service. Personally, I think the element of human interaction adds to the final content and look of the photos. Some guests will of course go bananas without any encouragement but some will need a little 'push' to let their personality really show. Here's an extract of our (myself and David Lim) holiday themed photo booth shoot at Cara and Matt's wedding on December 12, 2009. Technical info for photographers: one AB400 Ac powered strobe light was used, shot into a 60'' silver umbrella set (as you probably can clearly see) to photographer's right. We purposefully did not use any fill-in light.

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