Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Love is just like Tornado, Marji & John.

The wedding of Marji & John was pure magic. First, there was a rehearsal dinner set on a lovely stone patio of Buttermilk Falls Inn, an estate bursting with June blooming flowers, bees and gees. The pond with bullfrogs, and the Hudson river near by. Home made lanterns (a genius idea- white paper bags- with doilies inside!) ligting the intricate woodsy pathways. Home made pizza with figs and prosciutto, goat cheese and artichokes. Friends and family, offering stories of John and Marji, bursts of laughter and few wet eyes.

The wedding day came with humid weather, and awesome spirits in everyone. There was much beauty to be enjoyed everywhere:

A very special moment - Marji & John see each other 'for the first time'

Their ceremony was set by the pond, and it started... However just before the vows very strong winds blew off the floral arch, and the black clouds came. The rains followed:

We were running to get inside of the small 'main' house. There were screams about tornado approaching... The ceremony, against all odds, went on - indoors. It was so very emotional and intimate. The readings were lovely, and the Persian traditions (Marji is Persian) - grinding the sugar over the couple and feeding each other with honey - were fascinating.

Miracuously, right after the ceremony the sky cleared out, and the reception went on. Everyone danced and cheered, in a huge tent, decorated by chandeliers with candles , by the Hudson River.

Tammy Baldwin of Charmed Places coordinated and orchestrated the entire day with grace and humour!

Lastly ...the definition of Tornado ... isn't it like love?

A violent whirling wind; specifically a tempest distinguished by a rapid whirling and slow progressive motion, usually accompaned with severe thunder, lightning, and torrents of rain, and commonly of short duration and small breadth; a small cyclone.


  1. all so beautiful. congratulations again!

  2. By Far, our most memorable and beautiful wedding! You guys are as awesome as the storms.

    Buttermilk Falls Inn & Spa Director

  3. YOU ARE CRAZY GOOD!!! I love it!!!

  4. Fab-u-lous! Love these pix!