Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Luuuv in an elevator !

When one of our grooms this season was taken to an emergency room with a kidney stone during his wedding reception and then at another wedding a tornado sidewind wiped out an entire ceremony - we thought this would be enough unfortunate events for one season. Wrong ! it turns out that whether outdoors or indoors unpredictable things happen at weddings. 30 minutes after the scheduled reception start at Amy and Mike's wedding we started getting suspicious. Then we heard someone talking about people being stuck in elevators and at the same time spotted fire and police cars parked outside the hotel...

Even though Amy and Mike's ride to their party on the top floor of Hasbrouck Heights Hyatt in NJ was a bit longer than anticipated - it did not spoil the fun. In the end - everbody made it to the Grande Ballroom and the best man had only more subjects to joke about during his speech. For us - it's another wedding story with a twist ! Now, some images:

Amy & Mike - thank you for a rocking day - all is good that ends good ! We're happy that your 'aerosmith' flavored adventure ended well :)

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