Monday, August 4, 2008

Adventures at the Castle, Starring Adrienne & Chris!

First, bridesmaids' shoes delivered the morning of were.... snake skin pattern, and not silver metallic, as planned. Then, Adrienne and Liz (her StepMom) plucked all the ugly violet folwers from bouqets, and promptly flushed flushed them in the toiled. Even though things were not soo 'smooth' at the beginningof the day, Adrienne kept her cherful spirit, along with the sense of humor, and her photographers love her for it! We also very much enjoyed her very handsome, and super nice Groom- Chris.
I was in awe of Adrienne's Bridesmaids resorcefulness. A couple of hours and 2 cans of metallic spray from Home Depot later, we had perfect shoes for the occasion!

some newspaper humor, along with a perfect shoe!

This is by my fabulous second shooter and a good friend Maggie Wallace Cullen, who started with Chris at his home:

beutiful Adrienne:

leaving for church:

the ceremony:

Guys :)

The reception was held at Fonthill Castle in Doylestown, PA.
The small structure, where the cockrtail hour is held features really unique tilework. You also got to love that big, yellow speaker ;)

By Mag:

Dance with Dad:

I am drawn to 'characters' at weddings:

Adreinne & Chris, Family & Friends- I hope you all had a great time, Maggie and I had a blast!

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  1. Thank you Monika! These pictures look amazing! Chris and I can't wait to see the rest!!