Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Glen Island Glamour - Stephanie and John !

Sometimes I feel like some weddings 'photograph themselves'. Wherever you turn at whatever moment of the day - there is something pretty in front of your lens, your exposure is always dead on, people are naturally happy, the light in the church is surprisingly good and... even the weather cooperates (against all odds). To our greatest delight Stephanie and John were even more rewarding subjects on their wedding day than they were a few months earlier during their engagement session. We shot our hearts out and then some :) Here's the appeal, enchantment and charisma as we saw it:

Shooting in the rain definitely has its perks - you have a chance to capture images that otherwise simply wouldn't happen !

As soon as the ceremony ended and we were leaving the church the skies cleared up. Rain and fog were replaced by pleasant, slightly overcast weather. Excellent ! Just in time for our family session and the big shoot at Glen Island Harbor Club, where Stephanie and John's reception was taking place:

The kids provided this adorable little souvenir illustration for our couple:

Stephanie and John - fabulous, romantic, easy-going, fun ! David and Monika - happy to shoot, pleased with the results !

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  1. Wow!!! That is all I can say about your work. It is inspiring. I can only hope we have the pleasure of working together someday. Keep it up... it isn't easy staying ahead of the curve like you guys are.