Thursday, June 18, 2009

Stunning girl Annemarie + handsome boy Michael!

Last Sunday afternoon while myself and my fiancee Ella were on the way to Manhattan a text message comes from Annemarie: "I'm thinkin' ruby red betsy johnson dress or black silk dress???". Texting while driving is dangerous so don't do it (!) but I replied immediately: "Betsy Johnson!". "thought so" said another text from Annemarie. Well...even though it's really difficult to get a bad photo of Annemarie the red dress definitely added some spice to our shoot. Here's a few of our favorite images:

Annemarie and Michael will be coming back to you this July with the coverage of their wedding right here on the projectmadlove blog - don't you dare to miss this one!


  1. AWESOME PICS.!!! You are the BEST David!!! Can't wait to see the wedding pics.!!!

  2. Some great images here. Looks like the beautiful couple was a blast!