Tuesday, June 3, 2008

E- Sessions- Bring your Terrapin!

Hey -it's already June ! Where does the time go ? How is it possible that we are already in the middle of the season ?! Maybe it's time for a little summary of what has been happening so far in 2008. We feel so good about our MAD LOVE engagement session photography that we decided to dedicate one post just to it. All the cool sessions we photographed so far have the word "engagement" attached to their name but... it is really only a name. The essence is in shooting people, making them look their best, using the environment to the max and having all the fun in the world while working ! The truth is - you don't even have to be married to book one with us OR - it can also be done after your wedding. Just let us know that you are interested in getting some outstanding photos of yourselves - it will be our pleasure to guide you throught the rest of the process. Dress up fashionably, bring your swanky convertible or even your ferret, that will make us very inspired!

The engagement sessions that we did so far in 2008 were all different from one another. We have not gone to the same location twice yet and there's so many more cool places and people to shoot. Imagine all the possibilities? Fun in the sun by the pool, sleepy main street at sunset, manhattan hotel room, carnival by the beach, ... the possibilities are endless.
The goal is always the same: super fun and memorable experience resulting in photographic artwork that will be uniquely yours.

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