Monday, June 30, 2008

Great Adventure with Malena & Ryan, it sure was!

I was looking forward to this engagement session at Six Flags for a long time. Malena and Ryan are so super nice and just fun people to be around. Furthermore, Malena has very refined esthetic, that is reflected in her personal style as well as in her vision for the wedding (September of this year). The invitations they sent out are beyond fabulous, but stay tuned for this- it requires a separate post. Malena and Ryan didn't disapoint us, they showed up looking awesome, awesome, awesome! Nothing could spoil the fun, even the occasional security guard getting nervous at the sight of all our heavy equipment.

In the old good 'Mad Love' style we ended up shooting in the back of some building behind the water boiler:

Our couple of sharp shooters won that Tweedy:

There were casualties:

Someone we met that day, she was not afraid of David getting really close:

Malena & Ryan! Thank you for coming up with the idea to shoot at Six Flags, and providing so much inspiration!

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