Monday, June 9, 2008

Monika + David = a force to be reckoned with !


Have Brian and I told you yet that we are obsessed with you and David?! :) Your photos are ridiculous!! We LOVE them and can not be more thrilled. We have looked through the photos a few times now and feel like we are in a dream every time!

We love your style, your approach, your personalities - it has been so much fun working with you and David. You both as a team are a force to be reckoned with. By the way, I LOVE that you put the Gladiator score to our slideshow - I've watched it a few times now and have cried every time the photos play to that song - James Horner is a magnificent composer...excellent pick.

We've started to send the slideshow and gallery around to our family and friends. They can not say enough wonderful things about both you and David and your photos. I think my dad alone has looked through the slide show 7 times since Saturday morning! He can't get enough! :)

What I love the most is that you documented so much of the day...from the great moments to the smallest details. We got to see moments and expressions through your photos that we didn't get to experience first hand- which is really something we will hold on to forever. I love that through the pictures we've gotten to see the little things like the cheese table, the menu, the stacked coffee cups, the LHI at night, etc. - all of which we never stopped to notice on our day - so thank you for capturing it all.

I don't think we can honestly thank you enough for being our "oh-so-funky-and-fantastic-polish-sausage-supplying photographers". :)

Thank you a million times over,

Suzanne and Brian

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